Djibril Ibrahim is a Canadian originally from Chad Complete Artist. He is also a Member of the National Team of Chad ( The Sao ).


Djibril Ibrahim is a passionate, a warrior, an expert that became wise.
With an iron health. Djibril Ibrahim has registered over time in the history of Sport and Culture worldwide. He became an icon and has become known for his outsized talent. He is a force of the nature that many current artists could not match, with a determination and an ability to adapt, largely forgotten by the permanent blockages faced by quenching characters like him.
Djibril Ibrahim was also briefly known in Martial Arts and Combat Sports. His model Jim Kelly said that Djibril is to life what himself is to the Big Screen. A lonely man capable to face several situations.
International Expert now, he travels the world in search of exchanges with sound values.
In 2008, he began a Ph.D. in Law, whose title is " The 4th Power".

Ph.D. in Law
Its always refreshing to meet another person who is aware that the reality we are being presented does not represent the actual truth. The contents of this research list, if you read enough of the books and view the Internet sites will not only astonish you, but will change you forever. Diving right into the rabbit hole, lets start with UFO’s, they exist as they represent not only earthly technology, reverse engineered from alien technology, extraterrestrial advanced technology but also representative of many extraterrestrial civilizations who come to this planet, some benevolent and some truly dark and evil with sinister agendas.
Our human race and planet are so not alone in this, one of multiple universes that we exist in. It is a universe or multi verse teeming with life of all kinds on many levels of existence. How could it be any other way? Just look at the myriad forms of life on this planet and especially in the oceans. The possibilities and forms that DNA represents are endless. It is quite complicated, as we exist in a multi verse or a universe with multiple dimensions. I do not wish to overwhelm you, but I will tell you this, our races reality and place in this amazing universe that we exist in, is truly amazing, astonishing, incomprehensible and beyond the average persons capacity to accept and understand. Accept your wonderful, inquisitive and curious nature and appreciate it as a blessing. Use your innate curiosity to take yourself to new levels of knowledge, understanding and states of personal enlightenment. It is not just the amazing information that you will come across in this research list, it is an opportunity for you through the absorption of this knowledge to develop an expanded consciousness, integration of left and right brain, which the dark forces that have been controlling the human race since its inception have been trying to prevent and a personal internal revolution that will create the privilege for you to see and appreciate the wonderful opportunity of evolving into a higher level of conscious / awareness in this incredible time and place of existence.
The human race, on average, functions at a mere percentage of its actual total and individual capacity. Our brains and DNA are programmed or wired to only see about 3% of the visible light spectrum. Allowing for the incredible advancement of technology, we, the collective human race are extremely limited and the victim of a massive control program from the moment we receive the vaccination bundle at birth to the moment we pass on from this five sense reality. We, the collective human race have been hijacked and mass controlled by dark forces. To escape this state of reality we need to expand our awareness, consciousness, hearts, our capacity for love. We need the courage to enhance our ability to see beneath the veil, guided by courage, dignity and high ethical and moral standards dedicated to expose the true reality and agenda of the oppressive regime and dark forces that control our world.
When individually and collectively, the human race creates an internal revolution allowing ourselves to become wholly integrated we will then be able to begin to understand and see who we really are and what our individual and collective place in this amazing and incomprehensible universe truly is. That is when true freedom begins, but it can only start on the individual level as “We Remember Who We Are”. Enjoy the information and the journey.

Djibril's Research List

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Djibril Ibrahim begins High Level Football as a teenager with the Renaissance Football Club of N'Djamena in Chad. He did not become Champion of Central Africa during the C.E.M.A.C. Tournament involving Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the Central African Republic and Chad, following disagreements with some corrupt leaders of the Chadian Football Federation. He failed to integrate Les Fauves de Bas-Oubangui of the Central African Republic, winners of the 2010 edition. He was Champion of First Division of Football, of Central African Republic, in 2017, with the Olympic Real of Bangui. Among the countries where he has evolved, there are Chad, France, Canada and Thailand.


Djibril Ibrahim made his debut within the World of Fashion with the Agency Jacques Meurant in Paris, before signing with The Testing Board in Toronto. After an intensive learning in this new discipline, he decided to run as a Freelance Model. He posed in several countries including the U.S.A. and Japan.

The Dancer and Actress Nadine Ramkisson, opened to him the doors of the World of Dance in Canada, by integrating him as a Star Dancer, to her Weekly Television Show The Electric Circus on Much Music, in which he made a very strong impression.

Djibril Ibrahim played in several Hollywood Movies since 2000.